Dark Princess





First Appearance

Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer


The Dark Princess is the main antagonist in "Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer" movie.


The Dark Princess loved to collect diamonds and other beautiful, expensive gems. The Dark Princess wanted the diamond planet Spectra all to herself. But by attempting to steal it, she caused Earth to become trapped in a permanent winter, and soon the rest of the universe would have been brought into darkness. She was confronted by Rainbow Brite and Krys, who worked together to defeat her and strip her of her powers.

The Dark Princess later appeared in Rainbow Land, still holding a grudge towards Rainbow Brite for taking away her powers. She and her loyal servant Count Blogg landed in a ship at night. It turns out the Princess had come to that world in search of diamonds to restore her powers. She and the Count then encountered some Sprites while searching for diamonds in the color caves. She attempted to force the Sprites into digging up the gems for her, first by claiming to be "Queen of the Sprites" and claiming that she had the power to turn them into frogs. Despite this, and later forming an alliance with Murky Dismal, the Princess and Count Blogg were eventually defeated by Rainbow and her Color Belt once more, and the rainbow picked up their ship and sent it far away into exile.

2014 SeriesEdit

The Dark Princess is a sinister, manipulative and powerful foe of Rainbow Brite. Hailing from a dark planet she is obsessed with controlling all the light and darkness in the universe. The Dark Princess detests everything Rainbow Brite stands for and has a deep love for power, accompanied by a vain desire to be worshiped.


  • The Dark Princess (aside from her title) is unnamed in every version of the Rainbow Brite franchise.