First Appearance

Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer


Prism (a device that uses rainbow-light to defeat enemies)

Krys is the protector of the planet Spectra, and the wearer of the Prism.


Krys is a young warrior from the planet Spectra. He was taught to protect the diamond planet by the wise old Orin. Krys is head strong, and arrogant, not unlike Red Butler of Rainbow Land. When he started out, Krys often insisted he can get by without a girl for help, but at the time he didn't know the Prism, a device given to him by Orin would only work with the rainbow, he later realized he and Rainbow Brite had to work together to defeat their enemies.

Krys never moved to Rainbow Land, choosing to remain on Spectra. But visits Rainbow Land from time to time.

2014 SeriesEdit

Krys was a member of the Sentinel's of Light, guardians of light and color. He possessed a powerful magic ring and was the protector of "Light Unseen". It's later discovered that Brian is actually a descendant of Krys.


  • Early concept art of Krys had his name listed as Krys-Tal and he was Rainbow Brite's Cousin from the Planet Spectra. This was dropped, however he was designed to be the male equivalent of Rainbow Brite though they would have a sibling-like rivalry.