Rainbow Land is a place that exists faraway, right at the end of the rainbow, there lies a kingdom where all the colors of the Earth and he universe are created.


The land now called Rainbow Land was once dark and gloomy, all due to the machinations of the King of Shadows, who kidnapped the guardians of color and transformed the land. Then Rainbow Brite found the Color Belt, and freed the imprisoned Color kids. It has since been restored to it's state of glowing colors. In the heart of Rainbow Land is the Color Castle. A magical place were Rainbow and the Color Kids reside.


  • The Color Caves - Many variety of Color Crystals are found in the Color Caves of Rainbow Land. The Color Caves are vast caves that cover the mountains that surround Rainbow Land and are mined by the Sprites and Color Kids. Inside the caves are tracks for mining carts that go from the caves and down to the Color Castle, where they are refined into Star Sprinkles.
  • Prism Ponds - As water washes past the Color Caves, Color Crystals are washed down to the ponds. Sprites continue mining for the smaller gems by rinsing the dirt in screens and uncovering Color Crystals. The water reflects a rainbow or prism of different lights within the water, giving the "Prism Ponds" their name.
  • Color Castle - Home of Rainbow Brite and the Color Kids. The castle sits in the center of Rainbow Land, and is where the Color Kids and Sprites create Star Sprinkles. Around the center tower are seven smaller towers. One for each Color Kid. In the distant past, Color Castle was once a dark and foreboding place. The King of Shadows once lived there, but upon his defeat the darkness faded away leaving the Color Castle behind.